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5 Transactions - Reference Documentation

Authors: Graeme Rocher, Burt Beckwith

Version: 1.3.0.GA

5 Transactions

Mongo doesn't support transactions directly, however GORM for Mongo does batch up inserts and updates until the session is flushed. This makes it possible to support some rollback options.

You can use either transactional services or the static withTransaction method. To mark a service as using the Mongo transaction manager, use the static transactional property with the value 'mongo':

static transactional = 'mongo'

Alternately you can do ad-hoc transactions using the withTransaction method:

Person.withTransaction { status ->
    new Person(name:"Bob", age:50).save()
    throw new RuntimeException("bad")
    new Person(name:"Fred", age:45).save()

For example in this case neither Person object will be persisted to the database, because underneath the surface a persistence session is being used to batch up both insert operations into a single insert. When the exception is thrown neither insert is ever executed, hence we allow for some transactional semantics are the GORM-level.

Using the lower level API you can of course also take advantage of Mongo's support for Atomic operations.